New Gutters and Downspouts

We offer gutters and downspouts in steel, aluminum, and copper. With over 30 colors to choose from, we can match most house colors, so no painting will be necessary.

When installing seamless gutters we use hidden hangers and 1.5” screws with EPDM washers. EPDM is a rubber that is not effected by UV rays. Standard rubber washers crack and deteriorate after a few years of exposure to sun. A level is used during installation to insure that water will drain to the downspout. The gutter is sloped just barely off of level so it will drain and still look good on the house. All mitered corners are hand cut for the best appearance.

5” gutter and 2”x3” downspouts are most commonly used on residential homes. If a roof has a large surface area, then the bigger 6” gutter and 3”x4” downspouts may be needed to handle the extra water shed.

Gutter installations are modified for roofs that cause snow to slide off (i.e. metal and tile roofs). First we install the gutter lower on the fascia board to avoid the snow slides. Then we use additional hangers and extra screws to reinforce the gutters strength.

5 Year Warranty on Installations

We have a 5 year labor warranty on all new gutter installations. This covers the attachment of the gutters and downspouts to the home and any leaks not caused by clogs in the gutter from debris.