Gutter Covers

We sell and install senox gutter covers. These covers have proven to do the best job of keeping debris out of the interior of gutters. They can be installed on new or existing 5” or 6” gutter systems. Call us for a free estimate today!

What to expect from all gutter covers

    We have yet to find a gutter cover that works 100%. Here are a few issues we have experienced over the years of installing them.

    Once a cover is installed on top of the gutter the water flow is restricted. The covers will have no problem with light to moderate rains. During heavy rains expect to see water spilling over the front of the gutter. This is especially common at roof valleys or where an upper gutter has a downspout draining onto a lower roof.

    The wind usually blows leaves, needles, and other debris off the top of the covers. We have found it necessary to brush off the tops of the covers occasionally to maximize flow to the gutter. This is easy to do with a leaf blower or broom. If you read the fine print on all gutter cover warranties, it will only cover clogs on the interior of the gutter not on top.

    Covers do a great job of keeping leaves, needles, and debris out of the gutter. Small dust particles will go right in. Mud will build up over time and will eventually need to be washed out with a hose. The time it takes for this to happen depends on the location of your home. If you live next to a dirt road it will happen much faster than if you are located in the city. On average it seems to take 3-5 years for any build up to occur.

    In the winter time, snow sits on top of the cover and icicles will form on the front edge of the gutter. They will dissipate quickly when the sun comes out, but icicles will linger on gutters located on the north side of the home. This problem can be cured by installing heat cables on top of the cover, and inside the gutter.

To conclude, gutter covers do lessen the frequency of having to clean your gutters, but you will still have some required maintenance for them to work as well as they can.